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The past five years have seen a significant increase in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) lawsuits. Even the pandemic of 2020 didn’t slow down another record pace of FCRA filings. Consumers are taking their arguments with the credit bureaus and their data furnishers to the courts and Plaintiffs’ attorneys are getting more and more creative with their violation theories. Point being, banks, collection agencies and credit bureaus are being sued at a historic rate and there’s nothing suggesting the volume will subside.

Data furnishers (Banks, collection agencies, debt collectors) and credit reporting agencies deserve the same high level expert witnesses as do consumers. The problem is there just aren’t many seasoned credit expert witnesses who have significant experience from within the industry. And, many of the more commonly used credit reporting expert witnesses do the vast majority of their work for Plaintiffs. Since 2005, I have been an credit reporting expert witness in over 430 cases, for both consumer Plaintiffs and industry Defendants.

At the end of 2023 I will have completed my 31st year in the consumer credit industry.  I worked for Equifax for 6 years.  I worked for FICO for 7 years.  I worked with and for Credit.com for 6 years.  And, I’ve served as a credit expert witness for many of the largest lenders, debt buyers and collection agencies, as well as for Plaintiff consumers.  I am twice FCRA Certified, once by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) and their predecessor organization, the Associated Credit Bureaus (or ACB). I am fluent in credit scoring, credit reporting, and the Metro 2 language and standards.

My time at Equifax including working with consumers and eventually helping to manage the credit report dispute process. I also spent several years working with the lenders that used our credit report related products and services.

At FICO I became fluent in all things credit scoring. This includes the architecture of a credit scoring model, the ability to perform impact analyses to determine the impact of credit report items on credit scores, as well as working with the lenders who used our credit scoring tools.

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A good credit reporting expert witness can perform a variety of functions including, but not limited to:

Credit Report Review

Credit Damage Assessment

Economic Credit Damage Assessment

Expert Reports & Rebuttal Reports

Deposition or Trial Testimony

Assisting with Discovery

Adverse Expert Deposition Preparation

Assessment of Reasonableness of Procedures

Hand Scoring

Need A Credit Reporting Expert?